advancing the expansion of renewable energies

As an integrated PV specialist, we strive to support the expansion of renewable energies and the movement towards a greener future. Our focus is on managing assets successfully, operating power plants optimally and advancing the expansion of renewable energies. We cover the entire value chain in realizing PV power plants in order to contribute to the complete shift to green energy.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable PV plant construction experts ensure that your project is implemented efficiently and effectively, maximizing yield and designed for efficient operational management. We follow planning documents, regulatory requirements, and recognized rules of technology to ensure a high level of solar PV plant construction quality. This also enables us to identify any defects early on and assert claims under warranty, which can save you from costly repair work and disputes with the general contractor. In addition, we offer extensive consulting services as independent service providers, representing your interests exclusively. We have extensive practical experience in the selection of equipment and the construction, operation and maintenance of PV-plants.

Our company is certified for construction works in the EU and CIS Market, and we have our own pile driving machines GAYK HRE 1000/3000/4000. We have practical experience in putting objects "turnkey" in the EU and CIS Market and developing South African Market.
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