optimising environmental performance and social impact

Mines supply many of the critical raw materials and resources that drive our society forward and ignite economic growth and technological development. Yet, this critical need to mine must be balanced with a holistic environmental and social responsibility. For sustainable mining companies, optimising environmental performance and social impact isn’t just about ethics or regulatory compliance, it is also good business practice.

Our industry must address critical challenges of safety, productivity, and the way we use land, energy, and water. As our global population grows, this leads to a greater demand for minerals and metals, core components of products and services that are essential to human progress.
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  • socio-economic development

    But it’s about more than just the work we do and the footprint we leave. We are part of people’s lives. People who demand and deserve more than just high product quality. Modern society rightly expects the mining industry to make a positive contribution to socio-economic development in a sustainable way by reducing its environmental footprint and supporting biodiversity.

  • deliberate conscious strategy

    We are committed to deliver value adding to our shareholders, our employees and the communities we operate in, through a deliberate conscious strategy that upholds respect towards and sustainability of the environment.

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  • Procurement Policy

    Adherence and commitment to South Africa’s BBBEE or localization strategy, for the benefit of both business and local communities through collaboration.

    Our Procurement Policy is driven to develop a local supply chain base relevant to business requirements.

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  • impact in local communities

    Respond to community needs and build sustainable social capital.

    Mobilise and strengthen sustainable relationships with clients and other stakeholders to ensure broader and more meaningful impact in local communities.

  • relationship with labour unions

    Provide opportunities for employment, training – skills transfer, development and personal growth within a safe environment.
    Build a sustainable relationship with labour unions geared at achieving company and all stakeholder goals

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