Welcome to the TAU Mining family

At TAU Mining, we believe that a strong Employee Value Proposition is the key to building a motivated and dedicated workforce. We take pride in our employees' longevity in tenure of service, which is a testament to their meaningful and rewarding work experience. We are dedicated to creating an inspiring and fulfilling work environment that allows our employees to thrive both professionally and personally.
  • Сareer progression
    We are committed to providing our employees with ample career progression opportunities, and most of our key placements are sourced from internal succession planning.
  • Сompetitive remuneration
    Our market-competitive remuneration, including performance reward schemes, is designed to attract and retain top talent.
  • Exposure to mining commodities
    Through our attractive brand equity, both within and outside South African borders, we offer our employees exposure to diverse mining commodities with multiple clients in broader geographic locations.

about training programs

We take pride in our employees' longevity in tenure of service, which is a testament to their meaningful and rewarding work experience. Our consistent investment in Human Resources Development programmes, including study finance assistance, leadership and management development programmes, and technical and core production skills training and development, ensures that our employees are equipped with the necessary skills to grow and succeed in their careers.

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HR Director


We are interested in long-term cooperation with our employees. For this purpose, Tau Mining has implemented various training programs that allow you to improve your skills. Moreover, we constantly carry out activities both within the company and outside it, which has a positive effect on personal growth.
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Frequently asked questions of employees

Questions and answers

Where can I send my CV?


Do I need to be qualified to work at TAU?

All available vacancies have different requirements. We employee people with all different skill levels.

What opportunities are there for training and progression within TAU Mining?

TAU always encourages growth within the company. TAU has internal training to upskill employees to encourage the employee’s progression.

What is the working culture like within TAU Mining?

If you look at the values of TAU Mining it is Passion, Accountability, Efficient, Selflessness, Encouraging innovation and Open and honest. Our mission is to become a leading mining company that provides a turn-key solutions to change the industry. Our team consists of employees who are hardworking and work together to achieve the common goals of the company. We would describe our culture as fast-paced and agile.