Employee Training, Upskilling and Studying

At TAU we encourage our employees to strive to their highest potential, we assist our employee’s not only through financial support regarding studying. We also do internal training to ensure our employees are skilled in their designated position and to allow the employees to grow into higher positions.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

TAU Mining is continually involved in the community in which they operate. Thus, TAU imitates community projects to assist and better the surrounding communities. At TAU encourage our employees to personally take part in these projects and help making an impact in their own community.

Personal Growth Development

We believe all our employees have the potential to reach all their goals and dreams when they are willing to put in the required work. We as a company encourage us to reach for the start and providing the necessary assistance where possible. The agile work environment that is within TAU will allow all our employees to grow into spaces they never might have imagined themselves in.